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 Looking for some room for K15 fairway wood in G20 era

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PostSubject: Looking for some room for K15 fairway wood in G20 era   Mon Aug 29, 2011 1:20 pm

My current fairway wood is Ping K15 3 wood, I like it very much because this K15 fairway wood change my golf, it make my game better and better. With the K15 fairway wood, I can hit the ball 20 yards further and I can hit a very straighter shots, Golf Clubs For Sale what's more, I also have a good accuracy. So although I have keep the K15 fairway wood about 2 years and Ping's new G20 fairway wood also come, I don't want to change my K15. Many golfers say it would become a G20 era, the other Ping's clubs may be replaced by the G20. but I think there must be some room for the K15 fairway wood, it is really so perfect.

I think the K15 fairway wood is specially designed to help golfers to hit ball straight, because I found my shot becomes straighter and straighter during the period I play with it. Online Golf Clubs And K15 fairway wood has more weight in the sole near the heal, so it can help me square-up the face in time for impact. I also very like its oversized face which can provide a higher MOI for added forgiveenss, so everything about the K15 fairway wood is good, I will not give up it.
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Looking for some room for K15 fairway wood in G20 era
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