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 The kid was a brawler, exploding with speed

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PostSubject: The kid was a brawler, exploding with speed   Sun Oct 23, 2011 12:44 pm

The kid was a brawler, exploding with speed. If he ever connected, he might be able to kill a man. Ed exhaled.

He let Hammond come to him, and he let the boy take a fast swing at his head. Ed leaned away smoothly, his upper body free of Chris' tight punching arc. At the same time, standing firmly on his right leg, Ed snapped a left roundhouse - steel-toe pointing out - into the boy's exposed rib cage. There was a noise like the popping of an ice cube.

Ed took one hop away and let the boy feel what had happened. Hammond began to shake it off, then fell to one knee. He glared at the older man, unable to understand how he had been hurt so bad so quickly. His mouth made a series of shapes.
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The kid was a brawler, exploding with speed
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