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 Water Pumps in Australia

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PostSubject: Water Pumps in Australia   Thu Nov 03, 2011 12:57 pm

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There are many kinds of water pumps in Australia that are available. They are used in both residential and industrial settings. Water pumps in Australia transfer water and other fluids like slurries and straight liquids. A common use for pumps is fire fighting pumps, helping water get from point A to point B to save lives and property. Petrol water pumps are common fighting fires and for other uses. Let's take a look at the various water pumps in Australia.
Fire fighting pumps - Fire fighting pumps aren't necessarily just for fighting fires. Any individual can purchase a fire fighting pump intended for use around your home should your home be threatened by fire. You will need to access water from a pool, dam, lake, tank, or any other like body of water to supply fluid to transfer through the pump and to the fire. These pumps are also handy for draining, cleaning, and watering. Fire fighting pumps are portable in order to be suited for the work they were built to do. If your fire fighting pumps are petrol water pumps, you will obviously need a supply of fuel handy at a moment's notice. Remember that with petrol water pumps to take the necessary precautions as you would when handling fuel: it is dangerous and easily flammable.
Transfer water pumps - Some households, particularly in country and rural areas, have no need to purchase water from the water company. Rather they have their own source of water in their backyard by means of a tank. In such cases, pumps are required to transfer the water from the tank to the house. With transfer water pumps, the pump's motor creates a vortex to draw the water through the pipes. The more water outlets that the tank serves, the higher the horsepower your pump will have to be. Transfer water pumps are a major factor in water supply systems. Some tanks are deep underground and are serviced by submersible pumps. As you can imagine, they are quite durable and resist corrosion.
Sump pumps - a common and costly form of water damage is basement flooding. It requires much effort to get the water of low lying areas, and not to mention the time it consumes. Sump pumps are a great solution to helping people clear water out of residential and commercial buildings, saving them time and money. Sump pumps use a float to determine when the water level in an area is dangerous, and once that threshold has been crossed, the sump pump kicks in, which diverts water away from the basement. There are also submersible sump pumps that are installed below water level and are capable of clearing out a much larger volume of liquid.
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Water Pumps in Australia
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