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 The Challenge of Owning Your Own Plane

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The Challenge of Owning Your Own Plane Empty
PostSubject: The Challenge of Owning Your Own Plane   The Challenge of Owning Your Own Plane Icon_minitimeFri Nov 04, 2011 5:10 pm

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You don't have to be rich to own a plane. Typically when people think of those owning planes they think of those large Jetstream planes celebrities and sports stars use to travel across country in three hours. Or they think of those big businessmen who are able to afford their own fleets of planes, including 727s, 737s and 757s that can take them and their large entourages anywhere in the world. While these people certainly own their own planes, a wide variety of plane owners are those who own small prop planes that fly in and out of the smaller airports that dot the country. These are the kind of plane's that hold two to four people and can only fly a couple of hundred miles at a time before getting refueled. And unlike those who own Jetstream's and 737's, those who own these smaller types of planes have to do most of the maintenance themselves.

Taking care of a small plane may sound daunting, but like anything else in life you learn rather quickly. As long as you keep track of the aircraft engine parts you need to replace and do some simple maintenance and testing after every flight you won't run into too many issues. With that said, though, a aircraft is not like a car where you can put off replacement parts or doing diagnostics. The worst thing that can happen with your car is that it breaks down on the side of the road. And while that will cost you a good chunk of chain, if you don't stay current with your aircraft, well, stalling at 10,000 feet gives you a whole different set of major problems such as crashing to the ground in a ball of flames.

So what is the best way to make sure that you keep track of what your aircraft needs and when it needs it? It may sound simple but the best way to do it is just to keep track in a journal. If a part is changed at it has a 5,000 mile warranty make sure you start checking at 4,500 miles for any issues that may be occurring. As long as you keep track of what needs to be done you will be able to take care of it before you notice an issue. Because even a small issue at 10,000 feet is not something that you ever want to come across.
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The Challenge of Owning Your Own Plane
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