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 K15 irons, please give us more distance

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K15 irons, please give us more distance Empty
PostSubject: K15 irons, please give us more distance   K15 irons, please give us more distance Icon_minitimeTue Nov 08, 2011 10:36 am

What do you know about the Ping K15 irons? Before I play with these irons, I know the k15 must be able to provide me an extremely straight ball.Ping K15 Irons Because many Ping clubs come with Ping's special technology to guarantee the straight ball, but now what I badly need on the golf course are distance
so I wonder whether the Ping k15 also can give me long distance ? There are many friends told me that these irons can offer me what I need, then decided to have a try them.

The Ping K15 irons own the multi-material design include the a lightweight titanium face that has allowed 27 grams to be repositioned to the perimeter of the 17-4 stainless steel club k15 This design can provide a higher MOI. The k15 irons also have an extra-wide sole, it feature the low and deep center of gravity to provide the high trajectories and low spin, then there is more distance. The other advanatge of the ping irons k15 is the AWT steel shafts,k15 irons this specail shaft can provide lighter long iron shafts for better swing speeds and trajectory and heavier short iron shafts for control and penetration. With so many good design, there is really the good distance.

After trying the ping k15 irons, I also find the k15 are the good game improvements irons, because they not only give me the satisfied distance,ping irons k15 but also reduce my slice. They always can give me accurate ball, then I also become confidence on the golf course. What's more, the Ping k15 are also very easy to hit the sweet spot appears to cover the whole club face so mishits be rare. I like the Ping K15 irons very much now, then I decided to put them into my bag, And I also highly recommend them to all the golfers, hope all of us can play a better golf.

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K15 irons, please give us more distance
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