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 Tail lights - don't whisper when you need to shout

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PostSubject: Tail lights - don't whisper when you need to shout   Mon Nov 14, 2011 12:03 pm

bathroom vanities
Marine Safety
Everyone likes a soft spoken person with a dulcet voice that is music to the ears. Some of them can be particularly soft in their speech and are barely audible but we do not mind straining to catch the words because in the otherwise high decibel environments that we live in, a quiet moment is very welcome. But now imagine this person had to make you quickly aware that you were facing imminent danger. To use the classic example of needing to let everyone know there was a fire. Then immediately the soft spoken manner becomes a huge disadvantage and what you need at the moment is someone who can holler at the top of their voice.
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Tail lights - don't whisper when you need to shout
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