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  Band Threads: How-To

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 Band Threads: How-To Empty
PostSubject: Band Threads: How-To    Band Threads: How-To Icon_minitimeSat Aug 28, 2010 8:16 am

This is a general overview of what should be included when you decide to make a thread on a band or artist.

First, please search to make sure there isn't an existing thread in the forum. When creating a thread on a band, or artist assume that nobody else has heard of them. Include all the information on them that you can. We encourage you to write your own summary of this information (making it as personal as possible will make it more interesting). If you would also like to include links to Wikipedia, or other reputable sites that is fine. A band picture is always nice so that we know who is behind the music, and it also helps to make them more recognizable. When posting youtube videos, please try to limit them to four or five. Try to embed them if you can, if the label doesn't allow embedding then just post the link. What we are trying to do is provide the members as much information upfront, so they won't have to look all over the place trying to learn more about them.

Band Name

[band picture]

Information regarding the bands line up, history, influences, albums

youtube video

youtube video

youtube video

youtube video

youtube video

If you're still not sure, here are some examples of good band threads. (Guns N' Roses Appreciation Thread) (Official Tim Reynolds Thread) (H U R T) (Cold) (One Less Reason) (Queens of the stone age - Official.)


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Band Threads: How-To
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