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 Stomp dancing troupe entered its eighteenth year of performance

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Stomp dancing troupe entered its eighteenth year of performance  Empty
PostSubject: Stomp dancing troupe entered its eighteenth year of performance    Stomp dancing troupe entered its eighteenth year of performance  Icon_minitimeWed Feb 23, 2011 9:17 pm

Stomp dancing troupe entered its eighteenth year of performance at the Orpheum Theatre, New York on February 2010. The non-traditional dancing show made its American debut at Orpheum Theater on February 1994 and now Stomp has its own theater specifically created for the production at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. Stomp was originally created by two friends British friends Steve McNicholas and Luke Cresswell, who is still on the list of original UK Stomp cast. Stomp not only got fame in US but it was highly welcomed in other territories including Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Chile, Brazil Korea, South Africa and France.
The US production of Stomp is currently on its North American US after their successful South American concerts in 2010. In 2011 Stomp will be visiting North American cities like Washington DC, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Cleveland, Portland, Dallas and Nashville among other. It will wrap up its North American tour on June 19, 2011.
Four Stomp troupes currently perform worldwide; two based in London and New York. The main theme of the Stomp shows is either to perform dance or drumming that for many people makes it a music production. Both UK and USA troupes have their own cast that performs roles created for Stomp’s original cast in 1991. Stomp has been experience by 15 million people in 48 countries across 5 continents. It has prestigious 9 years in the West End, and 17 years on Broadway.
Stomp has now been in action for more than twenty years and now making its first ever Irish debut in 18 years. Stomp will open up at Grand Canal Theatre on Tuesday, March 1 and will run through Sunday, March 6, 2011. Stomp will also perform for a week at Cork Opera House from March 22 through March 27.
Stomp, a unique combination of rhythm, theatre, comedy and dance makes use of every possible thing that can produce cheering sounds and physical performances and that includes music drums, household items and stuff like brooms, pans and garbage cans. Simon, one of the Stomp creator calls his invention a game of sound and rhythm and his commitment to stomp caused him to sacrifice his Football career at University and now Stomp has became a complete family entertainment that grabs the attraction of people of all ages from young to adults to old.
2011 must be a busy year for Stomp as troupes have planned their return to many of their old places of performance including Portugal, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Buy cheap Stomp tickets from broadwayticketsale to enjoy all the dancing shows live in theater.
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Stomp dancing troupe entered its eighteenth year of performance
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