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 Benefits of Planks During Pregnancy

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PostSubject: Benefits of Planks During Pregnancy   Benefits of Planks During Pregnancy Icon_minitimeSun Nov 06, 2011 2:55 pm

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Planks can prove useful for a pregnant woman as doing them regularly can improve stability, increase energy levels, and significantly reduce lower backache, a problem faced by many women especially in the later stages of pregnancy. The best part about planks is that these exercises can be modified to suit a woman's current physical needs. Strengthening the core abdominal muscles is extremely useful as it prepares you for the process of childbirth, making it easier for you to push when you are in labor. Regularly doing planks throughout pregnancy makes it easier for the abdominal muscles, which usually get stressed during labor and childbirth, to heal during the postpartum phase.

Planks also help improve posture. Along with abdominal muscles, these compound exercises also help in toning the muscles in your arms, legs, and the lower back. Doing this exercise poses no risk for the baby, since there is no pressure being exerted on your belly.
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Benefits of Planks During Pregnancy
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