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 Risks Associated with PRK Surgery

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Dry Eyes
The most common effect experienced by eye surgery patients, dry eyes can cause sharp pain in your eyes, and make it difficult to open them. You may experience burning or stinging sensation in your eyes. Usually, this condition can be reduced with the correct eye drops, which are prescribed by the surgeon after the surgery.

Eye infection, which can result from PRK surgery, can itself cause further complications, like deteriorating vision, and ulcers and scars in the cornea. This can obstruct vision. There may also be a sudden increase in the number of floaters in your eyes. Floaters are very small fragments in the liquid which is inside the eyeballs, and although a few light floaters are common, a sudden increase in them should make you alert.

Glares/ Halos
Glares and halos can be the result of off-center ablations performed by the surgeon. These can really be annoying when you have to drive at night, because they affect the nighttime vision. They limit peripheral vision as well to some extent, and compromised vision in fading, dim light. This can be corrected by a touch-up surgery, or antireflective coated lenses.

Corneal Haze
Corneal haze results due to inflammatory cells or debris that may have accumulated in the cornea during the surgery. This makes the cornea turn a little opaque or cloudy, impairing vision to a great extent. Eye drops are usually used to clear out the cornea and restore the earlier sharp vision.
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Risks Associated with PRK Surgery
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