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 Increased Sensitivity of Eyes/ Photophobia

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Increased Sensitivity of Eyes/ Photophobia Empty
PostSubject: Increased Sensitivity of Eyes/ Photophobia   Increased Sensitivity of Eyes/ Photophobia Icon_minitimeWed Nov 09, 2011 8:33 am

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This condition may last for 3-4 months after the PRK procedure. Eyes become extremely sensitive to bright light and may ache when exposed to the same. Generally, people who have had the surgery are advised to wear sunglasses if they are going to venture out into the sun or work in conditions where there is harsh lighting. Also, increased sensitivity to glare can hamper daily activities like driving. Sunglasses should help deal with this problem.

Pain and Prolonged Healing Period
Sometimes, the healing period is extended more than usual. This can vary depending on the postoperative measures that you follow and on how religiously and correctly you follow them. Neglecting to administer eye drops, or taking the prescribed pain medication, can make the recovery difficult and stretched out. There may be random, sudden, shooting pain in the eyes for a month or two after the surgery.
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Increased Sensitivity of Eyes/ Photophobia
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