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 Counters and Dice

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PostSubject: Counters and Dice   Counters and Dice Icon_minitimeWed Nov 09, 2011 6:26 pm

R4i 3DS
Counters and dice are important towards the game of backgammon, any set worth its salt needs these two parts. They can be produced from virtually anything; choose bits of marble or glass for your counters, and you'll be able to even use poker or, for an a lot more exotic selection, the great long-established dungeons and dragons dice to keep the game interesting. A few of the more costly backgammon sets will have hand carved counters for a much more ornate feel, and gives you that unique one thing in your set. You don't require extravagant counters and dice, though to spend time playing the game, just take pleasure in it.

Without having these two important elements, you will not possess a backgammon set to play! Make certain you find counters, dice and of course a board (as well as something to maintain them in or you might run into trouble later when you are playing a game without a full set of counters). You don't need an expensive set to enjoy the game of backgammon, but if you wish to learn you are going to want a set! Backgammon is really a fun game to play, all you'll require is a board along with a pal, then you're good to go!
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Counters and Dice
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