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 Breastfeeding and Weight Loss

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Breastfeeding and Weight Loss Empty
PostSubject: Breastfeeding and Weight Loss   Breastfeeding and Weight Loss Icon_minitimeFri Nov 11, 2011 2:35 pm

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Generally, the first thought that comes to the mind of most women after delivery is how to get back in shape. Most expectant mothers tend to gain 35 pounds during pregnancy, and then lose 12 - 14 pounds after childbirth. But after delivery what bothers them the most is those extra 20 pounds which they want to shed as early as possible. But in this quest of losing weight after pregnancy, many women start following some unhealthy diet plans and vigorous exercise programs which are generally not at all healthy for the body and can lead to some unexpected complications. However, one factor that can contribute in a slow but healthy way of losing weight after pregnancy is breastfeeding. Learn more about the benefits of breastfeeding.
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Breastfeeding and Weight Loss
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