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 Types of dance

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PostSubject: Types of dance   Types of dance Icon_minitimeSun Dec 26, 2010 8:21 am

f you want to learn ballroom dancing, there are types that are quite slow, thus will enable you to catch up. Waltz for example is a popular and common dance, which can be easily learned. When you eventually master easy types of ballroom dancing, you can then move on to learn the more complex and faster ones.

Here are the different types of ballroom dancing you may want to learn.


If you have been learning the closed dance hold, you will use that in performing the waltz. This is also easier to learn because it is slower than other types of ballroom dances. If you have mastered the footwork and the basic step, dancing the waltz during your wedding dance would never be a problem.


The tango is another type of ballroom dancing and one of the most romantic and passionate dances. If you have seen it in the movies, the tango is sometimes associated with guys biting on a long-stem rose as he seduces the woman. Although this type originated in Argentina, it has now evolved into American style tango to Uruguayan tango and European influences.


Rumba is another ballroom dance that was said to originate in Cuba. It was later modified to a slower dance version popularly known in Cuba as 'Son.' The American version of the rumba is a modified version of the 'Son.' Indeed, rumba is one of the most popular ballroom dances as it also shows great expressions as well as body rhythms.


The foxtrot is said to be the most difficult of all types of ballroom dancing. Over time, foxtrot has become divided into the fast and the slow versions. The term 'slow foxtrot' is also used at times to distinguish the slow type of foxtrot from other versions. The social foxtrot on the other hand is a much easier version to learn. It can also be danced on social occasions where dance floors are a little crowded and can be danced in a wide variety of music.
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Types of dance
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